ATIS Public Safety Related Applications (PSRA)

  Group Description  
The transition to an All-IP network ties together a significant portion of ATIS’ work, both within the TOPS Council and in the Committees. The TOPS Council has agreed to help steer developing technologies to meet the business needs associated with this complex migration. The TOPS Council IP-Transition of Public Safety Related Applications Task Force (PSRA-TF) will address the migration of infrastructure associated with public safety, for example:

• Alarm circuits to local fire and police departments
• FAA circuits to towers and alarms
• Circuits that monitor railroad crossings
• Circuits for sensors at gas and power company locations
• Meter and alarming circuits related to power grid
• Circuits supporting underground communications
• Telephony circuits between a dispatch device and an analog repeater (including inband signaling for control of the repeater)
• Circuit-based paging systems for public safety sector (e.g. voluntary fire departments and EMS)

This group will inventory, assess, and propose recommendations for these, or other, applications, and will examine the various issues impacting transition. Ongoing outreach will occur with the relevant industry groups and governing bodies to aid in the transition.