ATIS/SIP Forum IP-NNI Task Force

  Group Description  
The objective of this task force is to identify a baseline set of features that should be common to all IP-NNI implementations for voice service. The Task Force may also identify gaps or ambiguities in existing standards and request that those gaps be addressed by the responsible Standards Development Organization [SDO]. The task group will produce one or more specifications that define a common set of implementation rules for SIP Service Providers [SSP] who desire to interconnect with another SSP for voice initially. Ultimately, there will be a need for specifications that cover other types of real time multimedia traffic, but that will not be explicitly considered by this Task Force. However, any specifications that the Task Force produces will not preclude or inhibit other forms of media. The specifications will define which standards and options must be supported. They will provide SSPís with a precise description of the IP-NNI in the areas where the standards leave multiple options, or where the existing specifications are ambiguous.