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PN: 21-02 





May 26, 2021 


In May 2021, the Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments (ACTA) launched a new website and filing system, which can be found at the same location as the previous website and filing system: All previous user login information has been migrated to the new website.  


Enhancements to the website and filing system include:  

·         The filing system is more user-friendly with all filing types now online, thus eliminating the need for users to e-mail or mail paper forms. 

·         The website includes a user guide and detailed webpage explaining filing types.  Additionally, administrative information has been aggregated and moved to a separate repository. 

·         The ACTA has reviewed and updated its FAQs.  


Questions and comments about this notice should be submitted to the ACTA Secretariat via  

e-mail at acta@xxxxxxxx, or by phone at +1.202.628.6380  


About ACTA 

The ACTA is an open organization established to: (1) adopt technical criteria and to act as the clearing-house, publishing technical criteria for terminal equipment developed by ANSI-accredited standards development organizations; and (2) establish and maintain a registration database of equipment approved as compliant with the technical criteria. ACTA is jointly sponsored by the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) and Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).   



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