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Description This document specifies guidelines for the administration and assignment of thousands-blocks (NXX-Xs) to Local Number Portability (LNP)-capable service providers (SPs) in rate centers where thousands-block number pooling has been ordered or implemented.1 All thousands-block requests and necessary forms will be submitted by SPs to the Pooling Administrator (PA) by filling out the appropriate request and/or form provided on the PA Web Site.2 An industry database (see 5.1.1) will verify the password and access level of the user. All electronic submissions from an authorized user will be considered as an electronic signature and will be verified for authenticity utilizing criteria maintained in the PA database. In addition, these guidelines outline the processes used between the PA and:
Code Holders
Block Holders
The CO Code Administrator
Number Portability Administration Centers (NPAC)
North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA)
Regulatory Agencies
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Group / Folder INC - Industry Numbering Committee / Publications
Submitter By Anna Karditzas on Friday, 08 February 2019 09:29am
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