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Description This document specifies guidelines and procedures that address the North American Numbering Plan Numbering Resource Utilization/Forecast (NRUF) Report. Service Providers are required to submit an NRUF Report to provide both utilization and forecast data for numbering resources from geographic numbering plan area (NPA) codes, as well as data for including numbering resources in the PCS N00 NXX (e.g. NPA 500) and 900 Non-Geographic NPAs. The NRUF Report addresses the need to collect both utilization and forecast data in a single tool. Along with forecasting NPA and NANP exhaust, the NRUF Report also assists in assessing the utilization of numbering resources within an NPA code for the potential application of numbering resource optimization measures. This data provides valuable insight to the impact of various numbering resource optimization measures that may be implemented to extend the life of an NPA code. In addition, utilization data collected via the NRUF Report may also serve in the audit process of an individual service provider's usage of numbering resources.
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