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Name IPNNI-2016-00086R001.docx (171K)
Revision 1
Description Proposed restructuring of IPNNI-2016-00067R008 including the following changes:
1) Reorganization of document based on input from Chris Wendt and Ken Politz :
1a) Removes section with background on protocols and adds a summary
2b) Moves section on Governance (i.e., section 5.3 in baseline IPNNI-2016-00067R008) with regards to the process of establishing the CAs and the criteria to be a Service provider which are outside the scope of the protocol details in this document, to an Appendix.

2) Editorial changes related to the reorganization (i.e., intro paragraphs, summaries, etc. to guide the reader through the material.

3) Purely editorial changes from individual contributions at virtual meeting on 11/21/2016 including IPNNI-2016-00081R000 and IPNNI-2016-00084R000 including editorial notes that indicate placeholders for content to fill out details in ACME section.
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Group / Folder ATIS/SIP Forum IP-NNI Task Force / IPNNI / 2016
Submitter By Mary Barnes on Friday, 25 November 2016 05:24pm
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