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Name IPNNI-2022-00022R001.docx (146K)
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Description LEveraging Models for Originating eNtity Authentication - full aTtestation With an entity Identity in a Secure Token (Lemon-Twist) solution option for Enterprise and other business entities. Includes details on the STI-PA role and the additional entity identifier (EID) included in the SPC field, along with the TNSP OCN. It describes how the solution building blocks (including EID) can be used in context of other Enterprise solution options.

The R001 of this document is the clean version of IPNNI-2022-00022R000 and serves as the 2022 baseline for Lemon-Twist.

The R000 version is based on the contribution IPNNI-2021-00031R000 agreed at the IPNNI March 11, 2021 meeting (deferred from February 25, 2021 agenda). IPNNI-2021-00031R000 was based on the 2021 Lemon-Twist baseline IPNNI-2021-00004R003.
Document State Baseline/Working Text ((e.g., draft ATIS Standard))
Group / Folder ATIS/SIP Forum IP-NNI Task Force / IPNNI / 2022
Submitter By Mary Barnes on Monday, 21 February 2022 10:30am
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