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Name IPNNI-2021-00085R002.docx (784K)
Revision 2
Description Updates to the certificate profile defined in draft ATIS-1000080.v004:

1. Strengths the serial number requirements to match CAB Forums requirements.
2. Requires that only the BasicConstraints and Key Usage extensions be marked as critical.
3. Requires the Subject Key Identifier extension be generated securely instead of just recommending it.
4. Allows the intermediate certificates to use the anyPolicy OID in the policy extension instead of the CP OID. If the CP OID is used, then the intermediate certificate must be replaced every time there is a new CP published.
5. Disallows the TNAuthList extension in STI root and intermediate certificates.
6. Disallows TNs or TN ranges in the TNAuthList extension of STI end-entity certificates.
7. Removes the requirement that PASSporTs signed with end entity certificates must be supported by SHAKEN-complaint authentication services.
8. General clarity improvements.
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Group / Folder ATIS/SIP Forum IP-NNI Task Force / IPNNI / 2021
Submitter By Alec Fenichel on Friday, 16 July 2021 01:11am
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