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Description This document specifies guidelines for the assignment of central office codes (also referred to as CO codes in this document). The term CO code or NXX refers to sub-NPA destination codes for addressing. Sub-NPA refers to digits D-E-F of a 10-digit NANP area address, e.g., 740 is the CO code (NXX) in (201) 740-1111. Examples of uses for CO codes (NXX) for which these guidelines apply include plain old telephone service (POTS), Centrex, Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS), data lines, facsimile, coin phones, and customer owned pay phones. While these guidelines were developed at the direction of the FCC,1 they do not supersede controlling appropriate NANP area governmental or regulatory principles, guidelines and requirements. These industry consensus guidelines are expected to apply throughout the NANP area subject to guidelines and constraints of the NANP area administrations unless the affected administrations direct otherwise.
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