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Name ATIS-0300062.pdf (96K)
Description This report is in response to the Federal Communications Commission's first report and order and further notice of proposed rulemaking, in the matter of telephone number portability. The document addresses the issue of the technical feasibility of modifying the existing toll free database to make only those 500 and 900 numbers that are assigned to local exchange carriers portable. The FCC also further asked that this examination consider whether the technical feasibility could be achieved through modifying the existing toll free database or through another system.
Document State Contribution ((e.g., text to progress Issues))
Group / Folder INC - Industry Numbering Committee / Publications
Submitter By Katie Bagwill on Friday, 04 January 2019 06:06am
Modified By Sarah Gresser on Thursday, 31 January 2019 08:58am
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