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Name ATIS-0300063.pdf (217K)
Description " This report defines, describes, and analyzes the number administration and assignment process known as number pooling. The report identifies the attributes or parameters associated with pooling, discusses the principles, assumptions, and constraints under which pooling can potentially be provided, develops specific alternatives for the implementation of pooling, and describes the impact of number pooling on network architecture, number assignment and administration processes. In addition, the report assesses the practicality of pooling with respect to certain criteria and identifies criteria for the characterization of the pooling alternatives, uses those criteria to assess the alternatives, explains how the transition from the current (central office based) number assignment process to pooling could potentially take place, and offers recommendations and conclusions relative to the use of pooling."
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Group / Folder INC - Industry Numbering Committee / Publications
Submitter By Katie Bagwill on Friday, 04 January 2019 06:06am
Modified By Sarah Gresser on Thursday, 31 January 2019 08:58am
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